Hosting is Simple and Fun!

As a host, you’ll create a space where people with diverse perspectives can come together to share their experiences and have a conversation that matters.


ROle of a host

It’s simple. Schedule the dinner, invite friends and follow the Host Guide.

  • Pick the conversation that interests you most

  • Schedule a date and time

  • Pick a location - your house, a restaurant, a park. The choice is yours!

  • Setup your dinner on

  • Invite friends, co-workers and neighbors

  • Follow the Host Guide

  • Send us a photo of your dinner and share insights


A Million Right Ways to Host

Host a Civic Dinner that works for you and fits your lifestyle.

  • Busy schedule? Host a dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant!

  • Don’t want to cook a full meal? Make it a potluck!

  • Been wanting to get to know your neighbors better? Invite them to a dinner!


We’ve got your back!

Our Host Guide has everything you need to host, including discussion questions.

  • For each conversation, we’ve designed 3 Big Questions to start the conversation.

  • We’ll remind you and your guests about the dinner.

  • We’ll follow up afterward to get your feedback.

  • We’re only one click away if you need help.

Ready to host?

Visit our platform to browse conversations in your area and get to it!

How to register your dinner on

Friendly reminder:

We communicate with you about your dinners and upcoming opportunities through the email you used to register on the platform. Please make sure it’s one you check regularly! Click here to learn how to edit your profile information.